A brief note about
Michael A. Limacher

Michael was born with the physical manifestations (stigmata) of a healer. Since a young boy under the loving guidance of his equally gifted parents, Michael has had the ability to help others. They can be anywhere in the world, and in most cases Michael does not know them. Usually he is only given a name, and asked to help that person in need.

Michael's work is centered on the spiritual and health issues of others. Michael has spent over forty years doing this work in Hawaii, and has continued this work during the past twenty years on the mainland.

He professionally helps others through their structural, emotional issues and disease. Michael has devoted his lifetime to this energetic healing work. His abilities are sought by patients and practitioners alike.

It was clear as a very young boy that positive changes occurred to whoever Michael touched - wherever they might be - and even if Michael was asked by someone else to help that other person. Michael is able to make the energetic connection easily.

Many people have also been pleased with Michael's energetic healing of their pets.

For more information about Michael, please see Why Michael?