Happy thanksgiving!!!

My best to everyone on this special holiday as  we all come together joining in good food and happy hearts celebrating the abundance of both!!!

A giving of thanks, full of Love every night and morning opens the growing abundance for us all to live and share every day!!!

My thanks to those who wrote back to this form, we will begin to share with each other shortly!!!  Love and Gratitude, Michael


Energetic Healings

     Aloha, at this time I should mention to you a few ideas of who I am today so the reader can sense better the words written on the forum…

I was born a child who had a abnormal heart, I never was within a normal home until  6 years old…  The caregivers in the hospitals noticed that I was a unusual child as my parents did also.. I recovered 3 times from the death experience so the value in my being alive was enhanced…

As a young boy I thought my unusual experiences were normal, It was just my little world of feeling good…  My mother wisely channeled some of the energies toward helping others get well either in person or at a distance…   This felt very good for me to become.. It planted a lifelong seed inside me that allowed a positive direction to move within and grow wisely throughout my life…

In my early 30’s I decided to take these holistic energies or wave forms completely apart as a whole and reassemble them through organizational patterns using  us humans and the natural world as teachers…   

It became well understood within time that we here are also made from and have within us the  connected cosmic universal forces to discover and use for the greater good of all…   Truly Human!!!

My intention through these writing is to unlock our early training and  allow us to unfold deeper energies to appear  and use simply ,as in  Simple Roots Deeply!!! 

   My best to all, Michael





Energetic Healings

Hello dear friends, My name is Michael A Limacher and my intention is at 73 years old to create a newsletter to expand our awareness of being ,to allow a more fulfilling presence to enter within us on our journey of life here at whichever level we choose to begin..   Through the Energetic world it’s all connected at once so our growth will become clearer easily with the topics I will begin to write about… My best Michael